WSOP 2016 Event 48 $5,000 NL Holdem Part 3

WSOP 2016 Event 48 $5000 NL Holdem Part 3 Playlist event 48 …



    (0:00) Intro, Upswing Poker PLO expert Fernando Habegger
    (0:34) Upswing PLO University changes, new material incoming
    (1:58) Introduction of Pot limit Omaha solvers will change landscape similar to NLHE
    (3:21) PLO University will close, will cease to exist Monday, October 9th
    (3:30) New Upswing PLO Lab arrives Monday, October 23rd
    (4:22) Doug explains evolution of Upswing PLO instruction
    (6:07) PLO solvers discussion, Doug's lack of experience with solvers
    (7:43) Fernando's experiences with PLO solvers, Preflop analysis & calibration
    (12:10) Soft spots in Pot Limit Omaha, complexity of the game
    (13:47) Monker Solver (PLO) vs. Pio Solver (NLHE)
    (14:32) Upswing PLO University deal — 6-8 hours of new content
    (15:30) What common PLO mistakes does Fernando see from opponents?
    (17:36) Doug explains "blockers" in poker — NLHE vs. PLO
    (20:53) Fernando explains "blockers" as they apply to poker strategy
    (23:32) Doug talks about heads-up Pot Limit Omaha situations
    (25:45) Monker Solver board textures, explanation of "protection" mentality
    (28:51) Is PLO Lab geared more towards live or online poker?
    (31:27) Doug talks about how "protection" mentality affects "check-check" spots
    (32:54) Fernando fleshes out "blockers" in PLO
    (34:16) Discomfort vs. Profitability as it applies to solver material
    (36:04) "There are no styles, just weaknesses." -JNandezPoker
    (36:10) Televised Poker and its influence on play styles
    (38:53) Are playing styles good for poker?
    (40:08) Televised poker styles as they compare to boxing & MMA evolution
    (41:48) Becoming too attached with a poker playing style
    (43:09) Doug reminisces on poker career, adapting his strategy
    (44:41) Old-school 15-hour match, Doug Polk vs. 'Jungleman' Dan Cates
    (45:18) "Hybrid" players remain the best at their craft – #FJim live pros
    (46:45) Should "exploitative play" occasionally override solvers?
    (49:22) Viktor Blom (Isildur1) play style when winning vs. losing
    (50:21) Why players lose money when they become results-oriented
    (51:31) Take your time when reviewing hands
    (52:16) PLO "big picture" — current landscape
    (53:26) Live PLO is super soft, Mixed Games may be even softer
    (55:07) Heads-up PLO online, PokerStars nosebleed rake is changing online culture
    (56:22) Short-stacked PLO popularity
    (57:05) "PLO Week" on recent Poker After Dark telecast
    (59:24) Poker "speed of play" remains an issue
    (1:00:48) Attracting recreational players
    (1:01:32) Fernando relives EPT Barcelona 2017, making poker fun
    (1:03:40) What Upswing PLO Lab customers can expect & JNandez humility
    (1:06:50) Follow @JNandezPoker on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter
    (1:07:37) PLO University closure recap, PLO Lab launch
    (1:08:16) Outro, "best course ever" hype
    (1:08:33) Poker Night King of The Hill II begins Friday in Pittsburgh


  2. Never played poker though I gamble for a living(horses). That being said, I'm very interested in all gambling, especially the math and logic behind it. I'm probably the only person who's never played poker that's paid for your products! I had so much fun watching this. Great work guys. Kept it simple enough that someone that doesn't play poker gets it but not so dumbed down that it was worthless. The ego/player type conversation was particularly good and had lessons that transfer to racing contests.

  3. Waiving whole signup for those who spent 1000 bucks on the course? You are way too generous. You should be charging extra, not less.

    Also, it's not just solvers that have made the course obsolete. There's also Phil Ivey coming back. The course was made with the idea of Phil Ivey NOT playing PLO anymore. With Phil back, the starting hand charts change completely. One gap single suited hands are now 6-bet bluff for value on the turn double draw hand.

    To anyone saying this is just milking money from people that have already spent their life poker winnings (coming from NL holdem, no doubt) on the course – you are wrong. Think about it. First of all, the signup is waived. Gone. Pufff… Magic. So you save yourself 100 bucks, Meaning that if you don't take the offer, you lost 100 bucks. Who can afford to lose 100 bucks? Secondly, use maths. You only pay 100 bucks per month, while for the course you paid 1000. So the new system is 10x cheaper. If you can't calculate even something this simple, how can you even dream about playing PLO? Thirdly, remember that time is relative. If you pay one month subscription and then travel at 99% of speed of light for a month, it would have been 7 months and 2 days for us chumps on Earth. So this is an absolute steal for anyone with the appropriate alien technology. Just employ hit and run tactics every 7 months.

  4. hey doug, plz stop making these training videos . youre making all these donks play better which fucks me over. also, i would never pay hundreds of dollars for plo lessons from some random youtube guy.

  5. So I think I get it, you create the "new solver issue" out of thin air to change the model from a lump sum to a more profitable subscription based model. Why not tell us str8 up.

  6. Today's announcement is that next Monday the PLO University will he closing permanently. Anyone with access to the University will retain access for life. Fernando has added 6-8 hours of bonus content this week and the University will be on sale for $699 until it is closed.

    On October 23rd, we will be launching the PLO Lab. It will be a subscription course based on the new PLO solver software that has recently become available. The course will be taught by Fernando. Anyone in the PLO University will have the $199 sign up fee waved to add extra value for those members.

  7. Interesting to see the moronic reception in the comments. I get not wanting to pay for content, but it's definitely an investment that will pay off if you wanna get serious about PLO. Also shout out to the PLOfessor!


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