Top 5 Pots Of ALL TIME In No Limit Hold’em Online

Texas Hold’em on the internet was like the Wild West back in 2008 and 2009. This was the golden age of high stakes poker online, where the biggest games of …


  1. I like the turn bet. Maybe your opponent will fold. If you hit the straight on the river you keep on betting. If you hit a K or Q hopefully it's checked to you and you can showdown. If you don't hit anything you can decide if you want to bluff your king high.

  2. Where are these hands on the podcast? Are they on a different podcast? I'm subscribed to 'The Breakdown' on iTunes and the feed starts at the Kid Poker vs. J Tilly hand. Where are the earlier hands?

  3. Haven't seen the turn yet but I can tell you now that Lodden is calling the flop not only because he wants to get value some other way but also and I might add mainly because his opponent will rarely fold a hand that has a lot of equity against him and he thinks his stack is too big to stick it in there if a 3bet comes. He wants to proceed cautiously and see a good turn. Indeed, he's out of position and he will have a hard time playing a lot of turns if the stack to pot ratio diminishes too much. Plus, he's a super boss in hand reading and trusts himself on taking the right decisions later.


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