Top 5 Best Hands From World Series of Poker 2016 Main Event

World Series of Poker 2016 Main Event.


  1. Damnit, I can't believe I missed you! I was hoping to meet you while I was in Vegas this weekend, and I was playing $4/$8 Kill at Bellagio on Friday night too. Maybe I'll meet you next year when I come back.

  2. Rough session. Love all the hand histories. I don't usually pay to much attention to the driving montages, but the one from down town in this video was super cool. Reminded me of an old U2 video.

  3. I appreciate your honesty about how poorly things go for you sometimes. having a train wreck of a session can feel pretty lonely and watching your videos makes them seem less so….. thx Andrew….

  4. What do you do when you're on a bad streak of playing. Do you take a break or do you just keep going back to grind it out? Ive been playing 20+ years and lately have been on the worst run i feel ive ever had. Alot of getting out drawn, 2nd best, missing draws. Seems like nothing is going my way lately and im getting frustrated. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

  5. Random question, but around 14:00 you say that holding a 6 blocks some of his made straights, however doesn't also equally block the number of missed draws he could be bluffing with? So can you really say it is evidence in one direction or another for a call?

  6. That second hand with the KK, on the A64A2 board, I'd like to see you either bet the turn and river, or raise the river when SB bets 40$ into 90$. Sad to see you missed value there!

  7. I like fold w the KK on the river, given that you block KQ heavily and don't block any other value hands like those 65, T9, QJ and also there is 87, 77, 88. Also, it's very important to note that he bet into 2 opponents on the flop, both of which still had uncapped ranges at that point.

  8. Well done Andrew, gutted for you but you didn't seem to do much wrong. Don't worry about being sad about it, you're only human indeed.
    "I'm only human" should make an appearance on gear by the way.

  9. Another great video, thanks! Have you ever played in Macao? I'm going there soon to play some poker. I've played in Singapore once before, but never Macao. Do you have any tips about the game there?

  10. -The TT hand $80 has the same effect as $130 and helps spr a ton. No reason to ever bet over $100 there.
    -55 HJ/BTN vs the 3bet is a fold. It should be one of the worst pairs you're 5x'ing with pre. 55 w/o the heart is an easy fold on the flop. You can gladly call some of your better ace highs, flush draws, or even strong BDFD if you think folding 55 is too weak(you have almost zero runout protection with this hand).
    -JTo in LJ  is just too wide, I think you need to reconsider how wide you're opening some spots just as  general trend of your videos.

  11. thanks for sharing your run bad..this is why you are popular. everyone can relate to you. i guess after all the years and experiences.. discipline of stop loss goes out the door. can relate.

  12. 5h6h7d8h9h – fine, turn the nuts, but river a heart for a bigger flush and you can be toast. opponent mucks there, though should they have h h, you could face an unfortunate showdown. run it once. get it over with.


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