Tom Dwan hits quads against Sandor Demjan in high stakes cash game

Will amateur player Sandor Demjan pay off Tom Dwan? Hand from the Aussie Millions 2010.


  1. didn't know you guys are from my home town … i grew up in SE and remember following my cousin out to Portland Meadows to watch the dogs when i was only ten years old … i've been a mid-stakes no-limit cash game player in the Bay Area for 15 years … enjoy your channel quite a bit for thorough analysis … thanks!

  2. Good first show, guys, look forward to the next one. My only problem is that in places the table audio is too loud and drowned out the two of you. I couldn't hear you over them, or them over you. Please cut the table audio in half, or drop the commentary over the table talk.

  3. I've been listening in just one ear, so I haven't been experiencing the same audio issues as everyone else.

    I enjoy watching these lower-stakes games. Lower stakes subconsciously leads to more aggressive action overall which I like, and less tanking, which is also good.

  4. Really enjoyed the video. Knowing these players knowing their styles makes it that more interesting. Great job! Keep up the hard work.

    The audio issues are not apparent on my Smart TV app.. I'm sure you guys know someone in the audio engineering world to help resolve the overdubbing dilemma brought forward by other viewers. 🙂

  5. 21:15 "Jake is not moving in except with the KJ". I disagree. If Jake has TT on 5T8AK, he can certainly move in. It is pretty much impossible for Baptiste to have AA, KK or QJ here. Even 88 might be enough to move in given the stacksizes.


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