Tilts, Blowups and Explosions at the Poker Table

This is a top of the greatest tilts, blowups and explosions that were caught on camera at different tournaments. Of course you can find in this compilation, great …


  1. Maybe doyle thought that these kids are so agro that KJ could be called by AK. But, in reality, Benefield's range is so polarized that there should be no call by worse (ie: the range is polarized that it is a fold or a call will certainly beat you (as evidenced by benefield holding the 6. Any calling hand clearly beats Doly's 2 pair.

  2. For sure, trip 6s cannot get three streets of value from top pair .. what does Benefield think Doyle has? .. if Doyle is NOT drawing, he has a King, a bluff or something that beats Benefield .. if Doyle is drawing, he's not going to call Benefield's bet .. SO, IN ALL CASES, Benefield should check the river and let Doyle bluff off or bet for value .. either way he's insta-calling all bets (except a shove).

  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Doyle knew where he was the whole time and planned to bluff the river, and make it look like a value bet. Doyle is well-known for his precision bet-sizing. That bet looked like it wanted to be called, didn't it? And that is what made it scary…if he had shoved, I think he'd have been called.

    I just don't believe Doyle would have called the turn without a plan to bluff the river, it just doesn't make sense. Benefield played his hand face-up. If he had pocket kings, he would have played it differently, and Doyle also had a king blocker so that was highly unlikely. And I don't think AA or AK would have continued firing on the turn, either…not OOP against Doyle in that spot.

    Trends may come and go, but the wisedom of experience is hard to beat. Bet-sizing in Doyle's strongest game is incredibly subtle. That was a perfect raise.

  4. I saw this same actions from Doyle against Anette Oberstad in the 2016 national heads up championship.

     Doyle basically has an easier time bluffing the "Net Kids" than the regular poker professionals.  When Doyle runs into someone who has no problem calling him, he loses.

  5. This hand one hand where instead of analyzing the cards, the image play needs to be analyzed. In Doyle's head, this kid could be value betting any hand like AK, KQ etc. Basically he thought the kid is going to call his raise with AK or KQ. However, Benefield puts Doyle on super tight image. Any FH is the only hand that could make that reraise on the river. So the FOLD is perfect against a player like Doyle especially after three straight streets of betting by him. It is hard to put him on anything less than a FH.

  6. Doyle is a complete donkey in comparison to the players he plays with and the stakes he plays at. He completely relies on reputation and his domination of poker when it was very soft to stay afloat.

  7. Doyle may have made a bad read here, but that grin on his face right after Benefield tells him he has three 6's alone could have induced the fold. Doyle looks so comfortable as if he's saying ok cool story, go ahead and call me.

  8. you guys over done this, david would bet all 97, 75 and all his flush draw combo's for sure. and yes even 97os and 75 os is in his range if 65 os is there 😉 and when doyle raises the river (butchers his hand) davids hand turns into a bluff catcher, against doyle i actually think it is a fold hoping for a chop really from all combos.

  9. 1:13 Doyle checking out this internet kid giving away a bad 'tell' by rechecking his hole cards for suit. Interesting. So, Doyle probably already knows the kid has two unsuited cards. I would guess he's playing an ace-jack or better. I don't think Doyle believe he has a six. I think the old timer just got lucky with the raise. The kid was just nervous I'm guessing. You know, you're on TV and playing a legendary poker player. I wouldn't have laid down trip sixes but I can understand why he did it.

  10. any PAD with DURRRR as a contestant was always extremely interesting and fun. especially the episodes featuring him and hellmouth. there was a real good episode with durrrr, hellmouth, cunningham, viffer, guy and silent mike.

  11. I think Doyle put him on AK when Benefield bet river, otherwise what is he gonna call with? Good fold by Benefield coz Doyle is such a nit he usually has KK (yes he just calls those often pf), 88, JJ, A6.

  12. still tough to fold top 2 against guy you don't know … I understand calling in case you assume he's capable of trying to bully his way with a bluff the raise is kinda questionable to me .. but on the other hand if you think you're good and your opponent has a worse value hand why wouldn't you go for a raise? but then again I'm not a pro what do I know…

  13. To the live ones criticizing the fold: 1) he can't beat A-6, K-6 (suited) or "weird" 6's like Q-6/J-6 (suited or not), and 2) you're all fucking idiots because when you play cash games on a daily basis, you learn to fold a set on board when your kicker sucks.  Never mind pocket kings, this hand is purely a question of whether or not he like the kicker he has with his six, and the answer (rightly) is "no."


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