The Breakdown: Elite Bluff

Dan Smith and Fedor Holz play a fantastic hand when they are heads up for the title at the 2016 World Series of Poker One Drop event. Fedor is tearing up the …


  1. As a heads up guys, I have decided to stop posting on Sunday's.

    It gets way less viewership then videos on all of the other days, I think there is just too much to compete with on that day. So we are moving over to a 6 days a week schedule.

    Forgive me lord, for I have thinned (my video schedule).

  2. Hey Doug, I have a follow up question from what you were saying about different plays being okay. In this spot, you justified it by saying the spot was really close. Is it the case that despite this, you think there is ultimately a correct play, but that the other options are so marginally less profitable that it's negligible, and that no one could reasonably hope to consistently get it exactly right in such a close spot? It feels like this has to be the case with poker ultimately being a zero-sum game. A chess player who considers two different moves to be okay in certain spots will always lose to a perfect AI, for example.

  3. As it turns out the all in shove has the possibility of saving Tom his stack. If Viff calls and the str8 hits that's a heart , chance Tom loses his stack here. Viff in position , has so many hands he can rep with here. Ah being the key one. In my opinion these are two of the best cash game players period.

  4. Not only does Doug report on a good hand, but he does a good job with his commentary. That's the first time I have seen that happen,and it would be nice if it started happening more. And it was good to see Viffer's GTO strategy pay off on this hand.

  5. Quit pausing after every 5th word and saying it at a higher decibel than the other words. My god is that annoying. "OR, Dwan's going to pay you off a lot, AND you can get paid for a large bet, but you're not getting the odds to call this TURN BET". You're a nice guy, but fuck, I don't know why that gets under my skin so bad. I honestly do appreciate how much work you put into these though, seriously.

  6. Your analysis of these poker hands is so fucking boring it's not even a joke. You're a funny guy usually but when you go this deep into analysing decisions made when they've really not thought at that depth you sound like a bit of a twat.

  7. Cant get this shove by Peat. Dwans range is sets, two pairs, flush draws(with an Ace sometimes), really rare straight draws(9T, 56) and really rare kings. So we can bluff-off FDs without an ACE, Kings and straight draws. But in other situations we pay-off 130k for 60k in the bank, so its not so good. So there are not so many hands that will fold by this expensive shove.

  8. why are you so angry towards Dwan, Doug? I truly don't know but you sound angry at the end of the video. I am not interested in learning your style btw. I don't even know who you are compared to my favorite players. (Negreanu, Dwan, and Nguyen)


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