Olivier Busquet Is DEVASTATED By Viffer’s Slow River Decision

Olivier Busquet is known for heads up hypers and octagon brawls. Today, he finds himself in a much different sort of fight. With six-figures of cash in the pot, …


  1. Phil is interesting, I think he may have an undiagnosed Psychiatric condition. He might be hypomanic….he's obviously high functioning and not really experiencing impairment like in a full blown manic patient. He has a really inflated self of sense worth("I'm the greatest player of the 90's"), some what egotistic, seems to have a great amount of energy, perhaps less need for rest, is talkative, displays flight of ideas and even describes them (33:48) + Wisconsin story transition from wife/poker @ 33 minutes.

  2. Phil is annoying to watch play sometimes and he's got a bit of an ego obviously stemming from over compensation from not being "one of the cool kids" in high school or whatever but how can you not like him in an interview like this? He's a classy guy very well composed.


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