How to Raise, Re-Raise, Re-Raise, Check and Call with 3-2 and Win

This is one of the best poker bluffs, best moves and best calls seen in the history of WSOP. Maybe Tran was a bit overconfident, but who knows, maybe he reads …


  1. If we knew what zodiak rights was…… all of us(your subscribers) could spam the crap out of them haha.

    Perhaps you used one of their photos in the montage? None the less, it is annoying that I cannot view your latest vid.

  2. Ya know when a table just isn't working for you and it's time to switch…That's how I feel about this rant…1st the cockguzzlers at Gonadiac Rights…and now the server where you finally got it posted is Blown up???? WOW.
    I'll wait for next week


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