High stakes HYPER SNG highlights

A continuation of Thursday’s huge SNG grind (https://youtu.be/NryBc3SPhIE), tonkaaaap manages to run up a profit of over $6000 playing hyper turbo 6 person …


  1. Hey guys, did you consider that Eli was possibly setting up a re-raise on the river. He bets so little that Dwan raises, then he pushes so it really polarizes hi to have 5-7 exactly and then Dwan folks?

  2. its obvious you guys try find a young guy vs a older guy and make the older player look bad. You guys favor the younger players. Last time I looked Dwan is broke and ran off to Macau to avoid playing jungleman and paying for losing his own challenge. And last time I looked Eli always made money at poker and plays the highest stakes around. Last time I looked young players have not done well in live cash games online. Numerous times I seen all the top online plays get stacked off by live older regs that are old school players in the you tube videos. And you never call a raise period with K high to a check raise on the flop. and call a pot barrel on the turn. Thats terrible poker period. Funny how you guys try to justify dwans poor play especially since hes flat broke from poker and now looks like hes on drugs.

  3. The river bet size is awful. I agree that a 30k river bet would work, but I think it might actually be risking too much for the situation. I think you guys were spot on when you assessed that Eli is trying to fold out PART of Dwan's range but not all of it. In keeping with that logic I think he could bet somewhere between 18,000 and 22,000 on the river and his bet size will fold out bottom pair, 4th pair, any busted draws and maybe even a hand like 77. The top of Dwan's range is always calling any river bet size and Eli just loses more by betting 30k. And you have to keep some reasonably strong hands in Dwan's range due to calling a check raise on flop and pot size on turn.

  4. I remember they had a 7-2 twist on High Stakes Poker, all the players had to pay anyone who won a pot with 7-2 . Is this from from then?
    That would explain why Elezra takes such effort to get paid with this lousy hand.

  5. these two has played each other so many times knowing their styles of play and is why they played that hand to its fruition. it could be simple as that considering it was a small pot for these guys. just 1 of the thousands of games they had played. my 2 cents worth..

  6. This is probably the first time I am disagreeing with anything you guys say, but to say that only an elite player will call that river bet, is incorrect in my opinion. I'm far from even a decent poker player, but having commited so much on the river, I'd call the river.

  7. I thought the mistake Dwan made in this hand is making those faces when Eli bets 10,300 on the river. He basically eliminated raising as an option by giving away he is weak. That sucks, because if Eli is somehow betting an 8 (this sizing looks like thin value) then raising is a great option for Dwan.

  8. At 2:54 is where Eli fucks up.  Look at how uncomfortable he is when Dwan calls, and Dwan sees this because he looks right at him after he calls.  Eli is horrible at hiding his tells.

  9. Dwan amazing..give him all credit..ELi did ok except for river..he needed to bet more than that in hindsight..but these donks have all money in world ..so they can go CRAZY..that guy who owns cirque du soleil plays fearlessly coz he a billionaire..sometimes hard to analyze maniacs with limitless $$$$..but again Dwan being incredible is understatement

  10. The sizing on the river just makes no sense. Dwan called a flop check-raise. He called a pot sized bet on the turn. Eli's strong hands are going to bet huge on the river to max out his value. Any bluff here needs to be a big bet. Although the guys mention that 10k seems like it wants a call, I think it's extremely transparent. If Eli had a value hand he would go for more money given Dwan has called two large bets to get to the river. The small sizing not only gives Dwan correct pot odds to call regardless, but looks really fishy in the first place.

  11. Thanks for breaking down my suggestion. When I watched this hand before 'The Breakdown' I didn't think Dwan made a good call given he was losing to all of Eli's value and I thought all his semi bluffs came in as well. But I didn't think of the fact that Dwan would only have to be right ~17% of the time to make it a profitable call.

    Also thanks for revealing my true identity as 'Jarnath the 12 armed monster from planet Zeblan' on the podcast. Unfortunately, my wife found out about my true identity and now she running away with the kids. Oh well, I guess I have more time to suggest hands and hopefully get into the 2 suggestion club…just remember for the embroidered 'Breakdown' robe I'll need holes for all my 12 arms.

    Great job as always. Love the podcast.

  12. I really have not enough considered, how check raising can totally narrow down your percieved range immensely. And they keep saying, passive play out of position is a bad thing!….

  13. Love you guys, keep up the good work! Could you possibly analyse the hand between Ivey and Antonius, think it was on PAD where Ivey floats him with 7 high. Or the hand with Dwan and Elezra where Durrrr bluffs the river with a busted flush draw.

  14. At 11:30, you dismiss 54 as a possibility by saying that Eli would be "checking that all the time," or "betting 30,000…to fold out sixes." You say this is the case because it would fold out worse and get called by better, i.e. a "game theory disaster."

    While I agree that it would be a bad play, I disagree that a player like Eli never does this. Out of position against an aggressive player, I see a lot of players like him use a blocker bet with one pair hands to try to represent a decent hand and avoid facing a large bet. Because of the way Dwan cautiously shows his hand after Eli says, "You're good," I tend to think that Dwan also thought Eli could have a hand like 54 or some other one pair hand that wasn't sure of itself. I also wonder whether his tanking on the river was purely "Call or fold?" or whether he was considering a big raise to fold out these sort of hands. Could you talk a little bit about the EV of calling to win a showdown vs the EV of turning bottom pair into a bluff to fold out one pair hands in a spot like this?

  15. The turn bet put more bluffs into Eli's range. I can believe Eli would take that line on the flop with an 8. But once an Ace comes I think it's more likely he's repping the Ace than actually has it. And if he's repping the Ace that only puts more bluffs into his hand, because that's exactly what he's doing here – he's bluffing us, which means he doesn't have to have anything at all, including an 8. I know the turn and subsequent action increases the odds Eli has A8, but it also increased the odds of bluffs and semi-bluffs with draws. And once you've put Eli on that bigger range that includes a lot of bluffs you just have to call the river bet. I'd go so far as to say it's profitable in the long run to call a pot size river bet because Eli has more bluffs in his range than hands he'd bet for value.

  16. Hi guys, just to say I've watched all the videos you've made on here, some of them two three times, making my way through the podcasts now and I would recommend watching these over reading books (although you still can read poker books) it's improved my game so much honestly. I'm analysing and deciphering my opponents hands a lot better than before. I've been playing for the past two years and watching your videos has without a doubt improved my game, you guys need more exposure. Anyway keep up the good work!!


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