Eric Cartman Hitler speech (ENG)


NOTE: As any South Park fans would know, I do not own South Park. Its the 2 great guys by the name of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who owns South Park.

From the South Park episode: The Passion of the Jew (Season 8: Episode 4)

I’ve uploaded this as I couldn’t find any English version up in youtube… Well ENJOY!

PS: For you curious South Park fans who wanna know what they are saying, here are the words and translation!

Es ist Zeit für sauberung!/es is zeit zu sagen/es ist zeit zu sterben

Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten.

Es ist Zeit für Reich!!/Es ist Zeit für Rache!!

[I AM NOT EDITING THE TRANSLATIONS ANYMORE! So don’t bother to pm me about it cause I will not edit/reply to them.]

It is a time for purge/its time to say!/It’s time to die

We must exterminate the Jews/We have to exterminate all jews

It is a time for Reich!!/It is time for revenge!!/It is a time for the empire!!

[NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE! If anyone took any offense for this… Please stop watching South Park…]

Want more? Watch the extended/alternate/deleted ending of The List episode(AUDIO ONLY) here:


  1. Here's the point. Shawn what is the point of loaning out all that money and getting into them situations. Wtf for just play yourself and worry about yourself and family. Loan out tons of money n never get it back … bet that makes the brain feel good 👌

  2. Man everyone's got to much time on there hands. Polk deeb hashbrown … who the hell cares talk about this time after time move on and less drama for these people who don't act like adults on an aired event like WOW. Hashtag is just a lunatic person , bragging and calling people names when he's the bottom of the gutter.

  3. I agree with most of what Sean says here, but more's the point if the poker media start to 'promote' this kind of behaviour then all unknown players looking for a few minutes of fame are going to latch onto this and it can only get uglier.

  4. Shaun said it better than I can about grimstarr. I like the guy but it is just sad what he has become. He needs to simply quit poker rather than making it miserable for everyone to play with him.

  5. It's funny how such a douche like hashtag shut's Deeb's mouth like in a sec. Look at shauns reaction when polk starts to make fun about the weight joke lol coming from deeb with a BMI of 45… Where was your big mouth there shaun? Frozen like the winter in Finnland… You and hasthtag are on the same retard level thats for sure

  6. He'd rather play poker than see his kid being born. That in itself shows the kind of guy he is.

    I've met junkies who would do everything they can to go to the hospital as soon as they come out of their drug fuelled stupor to visit their newborn. This absolute lowlife waits two weeks to go to see his own baby. He's the worst type of human there is.

  7. Deeb is a known scumbag, he's universally disliked and it sounds like he started the argument. Hashtag is also a scumbag but he doesn't claim to be anything else.

  8. >>>Talking for 30 minutes how everyone should watch their mouth and not cross any lines.
    >>>Calling entire country's population douchebags because 3 guys owe him money.

    So, is he forgetful, or simply stupid? I vote stupid.

  9. Bottom line is bringing in broke poker players like Cantu and depressed sad cases like hashtag was a bad idea ….Hellmuth was right when he said bringing up this shit is bad for poker. Man Cantu and Hashtag make me want to never be around the game.


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